I used to watch many themes of Japanese drama. The most favorite one must be ‘History’, that is why I know a lot about Japanese history, which amount even made local Japanese surprise.

Today, I almost spent all of the day preparing for GRE test, only in the afternoon I went out and played basketball alone. I adjusted my shooting pose, I got more accurate especially 3pts, I am now very confident about shooting game now. And for today, I also spent most of the time for rest watching dramas.

First one is called ‘JIN-仁-‘. I have to say it would be my top 3 choice in Japanese drama. I like the setting of that modern people go back to the past(We call it ‘穿越’ in Chinese). And the historical and medical themes are also obsessed me. Doing operation makes me very excited!(I like the actor of the Sakamoto very much!!, and also the BGM is awesome)

Second one is called ‘勇者ヨシヒコと魔王の城’. It is sooooo funny! Real game emulation!

In the evening, I also watched some UNJASH works, funny, funny!

And, at last, welcome back!

말하는 대로

Today I just recalled a Korean song, which is my very favorite one, called ‘말하는 대로’ in Korean and ‘言之命至’ in Chinese. I have no idea why I can recall it but when I just only thought about the lyric of the song and tried to sing it in a low voice, my tear almost went out… It moved me a lot! So today I repeated playing it for many times, and I think it is good for showing you the story of how I met with the song and the context of it.

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Trip to Japan - Chapter 2

Happy to see my fan(s?) here! With the time goes, I have written some about some interesting things during the trip. However, due to my eccentricity of pursuing some extreme perfect on aesthtics. I decided to revise them and try it arrange them in a more eye-catching way. So sorry for my readers, もしわけござらぬ!

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